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Difference Between Garrett Pro Pointer and Garrett CSI Pro Pointer?

I received a question the other day asking “What is the difference between the Garrett Pro Pointer and Garrett CSI Pro Pointer”? It is a great question, because Garrett sells what appears to be the exact same pinpointer under two slightly different names.  I myself ordered the Pro Pointer without considering the possible differences.  I glossed right over the different names, and what arrived at my doorstep was the CSI Pro Pointer model. So I set out to investigate these two different models and here are my findings.


Garrett Pro Pointer vs Garrett CSI Pro Pointer

How does the Garrett Pro Pointer match up against the Garrett CSI Pro Pointer? See the comparison of the specifications below.
ProductPart #WeightLengthLED LightHolsterWarrantyMSRP
Garrett Pro Pointer11660007 oz w/battery9"YesIncluded2 Year$149.95
Garrett CSI Pro Pointer11660207 oz w/battery9"YesIncluded2 Year$169.95

So you can see from the above chart that from the features and specifications these two models are essentially the same.  I believe the only difference is in the marketing.  Garrett has three core divisions of their company; the Hobby Division, the Security Division, and the Countermine / ERW Division.  The Hobby Division caters products to metal detecting hobbyists like me, while the Countermine Division creates products for military mine detection.  The Security Division creates walk-through metal detectors, but also has a focus on products for law enforcement.  Specifically these products are used for Crime Scene Investigation.  That is where the CSI comes from.

So it looks like the CSI branded products are geared toward law enforcement with just a slightly different name and price, since the are marketed toward professionals.

I recently received my Garrett CSI Pro Pointer, and have had the opportunity to test it in the field a couple of times now.  I have to say that I do love it.  It does take a little getting used to because of the Side-Scan detection.  Prior to purchasing this Pro Pointer, I was using a Bounty Hunter pinpointer.  It worked just fine for an inexpensive pinpointer, but the detection occurred only at the tip of the device.  The Garrett will detect metal along the entire shaft.  So once you have cut a plug, you can run the Pro Pointer over the plug to determine if the object is in fact in the plug or not.  If it is still in the hole, you need to start with the tip of the Pro Pointer and run it around the rim of the hole.  Then go deeper into the hole as you circle around the edges.  The Pro Pointer will start sounding tones more rapidly as you get closer to the detected object and eventually turn to a solid tone when you are right on top of it.  If you just insert the Pro Pointer down into the bottom of the hole, you will get tones if the object is in the side wall and you can spend unneeded time trying to pin point your find.

Other things I like about the Pro Pointer are:

  • The handy belt holster that keeps the pinpointer readily accessible.
  • How easy and quick it is to power it on, even with gloves on.
  • The fact that it vibrates in addition to emitting tones, so you don’t have to take your headphones off while pinpointing.
  • The LED light was very nice too, especially right at dusk when it was getting tough to see in the holes.

The Garrett Pro Pointers aren’t cheap.  They cost as much or more than some beginner metal detectors.  They are quality devices though, and seem to be the choice of all the big-time, avid metal detectorists.  If you are serious about the hobby of metal detecting, then I’d definitely recommend taking a closer look at them.

Thanks and happy digging!


One thought on “Difference Between Garrett Pro Pointer and Garrett CSI Pro Pointer?

  1. Tim Boland

    You are right, it is not cheap but definitely worth the money. I used to use a cheap pin pointer and the Garretts are definitely the leader.

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